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Septic System Service In Louisville KY

Get free estimates - tub installation, cost to replace toilet, septic system replacement cost, bathtub drain installation, bathtub faucet replacement, Sewer hydro jetting, Sewer drain cleaners, Sewer backups, power plumbing auger, Sewer eel machine, sewage pumping

Steps to fix minor damage include:

Once the wood is completely dry, it is then sanded and refinished to its original look and feel. In major damage, your expert will help you rent a dehumidifier that can run for a long period of time in a space constructed with a sealed vacuum to remove all the moisture in the area. Many times this will help shrink the damaged hardwoods to their original size ..Read More

Recent Plumbing Jobs Performed in Louisville, KY
  • Replace Toilet Flange
  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Sewer Snake
  • Septic Tank Installation
  • Replace Shower Valve
  • Plumbing Rooter
  • Fix Leak
  • Unclogging A Sink
  • Replace Bathtub
  • Replace Clogged Garbage Disposal
  • Drain Jetting
  • Replace Broken Pipe
  • Fix Shower Faucet
  • Shower Installation
  • Clogged Tub Drain
  • Channel Drain
  • Residential Plumbing
Popular Plumbing Fixtures In Louisville, KY
Produts like Drain sink, grabage disposal shower faucets. sink valves, water heaters etc for darin cleaning, hydro jetting, fixing bursting pipes, driveway drainage etc
Reviews Form Customers On Septic System Service : Louisville, KY
  • They are the best! They are always on time and through.
    Mariano Zepeda
  • We filled out their online service request form and were called not 10 minutes later by a very nice lady. We were in need of a plumber because of a faulty hot water heater (that had been installed only 2 years previously by another company). Kevin, the owner, knew immediately what our problem was (particular brand is known for failing). Luckily we were still under warranty. Kevin went to his supply place, got the replacement, and installed the new one - all in one day. Can't recommend Five Star high enough! Plus he honored the online coupon - even though our printer is broken and we couldn't print it out. Good business practice!
  • Called 3 times and never got a phone call back. Called our home warranty company and they tried to reach them and were hung up on twice. If you don't want business you shouldn't have a business. Very unprofessional. Don't waste your time or money.
  • I don't know who the other people are that gave such horrible ratings to Conway but we were completely pleased. Having just moved to Memphis two years ago I have been continually disappointed with the level of customer service from contractors and vendors... that is definitely NOT the case with Conway. The technician that came to our home for the inspection was courteous and very helpful explaining what was wrong with our equipment. Because of the nature of our problem, a supervisor was called out to confirm the issue and he was there within the hour - he too was nothing but the utmost professional. We had a very candidate discussion about our abilities to finance such an effort and they we worked with us on everything we needed. The paperwork was quickly sorted and a service/repair appointment scheduled. We received more than one follow up call to ensure that we were happy with the technician's work and confirmed our scheduled appointment. The technicians scheduled for our appointment showed up on time, were professional, courteous (had a good sense of humor) and also took the time to explain the work they were doing for us when they didn't have to (we are curious homeowners!). They did a fantastic job and cleaned up all of the mess the work created. We received two follow up customer service calls to ensure we were happy with the work AND the office scheduled our inspection for us (saving us the confusing call). When the inspection showed one little thing that needed to be fixed, a technician was out the very next day to sort it (and it was a very minor issue). Again, further customer service calls were made to us to ensure we were happy with the work. All in all - I cannot even begin to imagine how someone else had such a hugely different experience than we did. Yes, the price was higher than we'd hoped for on the entire job but I'm a firm believer in that you get what you pay for - and we definitely got premium service from Conway. (We even got a thank you card for our business along with a tin of cookies - I mean who DOES that?!)

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